Aqua Chil

AQUA CHIL is a formulation of naturally derived organic acids. It converts inorganic salts in to organic salts. Organic salts are bio-available and help to optimize metabolic rate of ecology.

AQUA CHIL exhibits a plethora of functions which makes it an essential component of NPB Technology’s salinity management Package of Practices and restoration of soil dynamics.


• Acts as a Chelating agent and binds with - mineral elements, ionizes salts and solubilizes certain usually insoluble components.
• Partially acts as an antioxidant, and acts as a pH regulator.
• It controls soil microbes and inhibits harmful microorganisms by regulating an environment more suitable for beneficial microorganisms.
• It can also be utilized as Sticking/Wetting agent for organic pesticides/insecticides/weedicides, to enhance efficacy and to reduce residues on produces.

Water, Organic Acids.

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