CALBO is a combination of Calcium & Boron in Bio-available form in liquid form. It’s proprietary processing makes it ‘Dynamically ionised for better bio-availability for enhanced results. It improves flowering, fruit-set, fruit size, fruit aroma etc.

Calcium is a vital nutrient for strengthening the cell wall. It plays an important role to reduce the generation of polyglacturonase and petolytic enzyme activity from bacterial growth. Boron has an important role to play in plants general growth - roots, leaves, flowers, fruit set etc.


• Calcium in soluble form improves nitrogen efficiency and thwarts bacterial infections.
• Boron as a nutritive supplement plays an important role in general plant growth.
• CALBO improves the nutrient movement in plant.
• CALBO improves flowering, fruit setting and enhances fruit size and aroma in plant.

Organic Acids, Water, Lime, Boric Acid.

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