GROW-CARE is designed to support nutrition uptake, control harmful microbe & deter harmful insect, provide vigor & growth of plants fruits. GROW-CARE reduces time, efforts and expenses at farmer's end. Also, it improves fruit yield and quality.

GROWCARE contains Elemental sulfur in bio-available form, Fe, Bo, Cu, Zn, Mn in plant absorbable, chelated form, Extracts of Allium sativum, Azadirachtaindica & fruit-derived organic compounds. This makes GROWCARE a cocktail of pest prevention and nutritive amendment in time of stress of infestation by pathogens / pests.


• GROWCARE Combats and prevents major pests and microbial pathogens.
• GROWCARE Repels & kills soft-bodied insects.
• GROWCARE also provides important micronutrients necessary to maintain vital metabolic activities to cope with infection.

Water, Organic Acids, Sulphur, Minerals, Botanical Extracts.

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