I - Surge

I-SURGE is designed to support nutrition uptake, provide vigor & growth of plants and fruits, enhance immunity and impart ‘Systemic Resistance’ (SR). SR helps to control harmful microbe & deter harmful insect. It also improves fruit yield and quality.


• i-Surge provides the bio-available forms of Fe, B, Cu, Zn and Mn for a streamlined nutritive uptake of basic mineral elements.
• i-Surge provides sulfur which is critical in Amino Acid Synthesis, Protein Turnover, and enzyme production), Improves carbohydrate transport, metabolic regulation, and vitamin and chlorophyll production.
• i-Surge has Humic acid which is extremely potent in increasing the vitality of plants, increasing organic matter in soil, increased root vitality, increased chlorophyll sysnthesis, boosts seed germination, fertilizer retention, nutrient uptake and stimulation of beneficial microorganisms.
• Along with carbon amendment, i-Surge as a stand alone, can be a very efficient nutritive supplement.

Water, Organic Acids, Sulphur, Minerals, Humic Acid, Seaweed Extract

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