Mulch more


Mulch More™ films are advanced multi-layer mulch films, produced to meet a wide range of specifications. Mulch More™ films are available in several types -from super- thin Polydak to Bi-color films, for use with specific crops and growing applications. All Mulch More™ films are available either embossed (cast) or smooth (blown), in a wide range of thickness and widths.At Ginegar, we use two production methods for Manufacturing our high quality mulches: multi-layer blown film co-extrusion, and cast (flat die) extrusion

Available in 25 Micron, 50 Micron and in 100 Micron

Different types of mulch films
Advantages of Mulching:
Weed control.
Earlier flowering
Output increased
Better fruit size
Flower dropping controlled during rainfall
Control in fungal diseases.
Fruit rotting by soil splashing during rainfall controlled.
Pest control by 25%
Saving in water consumption