Solarig GH Curtains and Apprans Films


General Tunnels and greenhouses cover. Most popular cover for tunnels, side walls, curtains & skirts.

• Tear resistant and long lasting coated woven polyethylene cloth
• Lightweight, low cost option.
• Can be stitched with anti insect net or any other net.
• IR additive for keeping the foliar temperature higher inside the greenhouse during the nights is available upon request.
• Anti Drip additive for preventing most condensation droplets from falling on the plants is available upon request.
• Can be welded to create any size or shape, with ropes, eyelets etc
• Customized dimensions for easy installation.

Technical Specification

The test data is based on an average, taken over several production runs and
should not be considered or interpreted as minimum or maximum values.
Values are typical data and not limiting specifications.

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