Water retention crystal

STOCKOSORB® improves water use efficiency and soil structure

The ever-expanding global demand for water, combined with the impacts of climate change, is already making water scarcity a reality in many parts of the world. While we are approaching the limit of the available clean water supply, there will be an increasing competition for water. Economically speaking, this implies a shortage as well as higher water costs.

water and nutrients are essential for plant growth and development. Drought stress is one of the major limiting factors that affect crop and fruit growth and productivity. Plant productivity is often also limited by adverse physical and chemical soil properties, such as reduced macro-pore space, resulting in low soil aeration, low infiltration rates as well as low water retention and low cation exchange capacity. In industrial agriculture, soil compaction from heavy machinery may even aggravate the situation. All these factors affect the biological activity of the soil, root growth, plant moisture and nutrient supply, resulting in low yield quantity and quality.

Additionally, under heavy rainfall conditions, low water infiltration causes high surface runoff and amplified soil erosion. The water and nutrient holding capacity of sandy and permeable soils, in particular, are extremely limited. These soil types are characterized by excessive drainage of rain and irrigation water, as well as plant nutrients leaching below the root zone. This leads to inefficient water and fertilizer use by crops. These conditions are intensi - fied in shallow-rooted crops or when irriga - tion water or irrigation systems are missing.

STOCKOSORB® description

STOCKOSORB is a soil conditioner specially designed and developed for water and nutrient retention and release in substrates and soils. Upon contact with water, STOCKOSORB® swells quickly, creating a hydrogel by absorbing and retaining large quantities of plant available water. Fertilizer leaching can thus be reduced. During the soil drying process, both water and water-soluble nutrients are released to the plant in a uniform manner.

STOCKOSORB® components

STOCKOSORB is a highly cross-linked water insoluble superabsorbent anionic polymer that is partially neutralized with potassium. STOCKOSORB® 500 is a copolymer containing acrylic acid, acrylamide and potassium. STOCKOSORB® 660 is a homo-polymer based on acrylic acid potassium. The latter does not contain any acrylamide. These soil conditioners are available as white, dry and solid granulate with different particle sizes and with excellent water absorption power. Different particle sizes are used for application to different soil textures.

STOCKOSORB® mode of action

After swelling to a hydrogel STOCKOSORB® acts as a reservoir of water that is available to plants on demand. The higher water availability helps to avoid water stress during longer periods of drought. During the water release phase of the hydrogel, free pore volume will be created within the soil, offering additional space for root growth and air and water infiltration and storage. STOCKOSORB® also strongly resists soil pressure at high soil depth without losing its swelling capacity.

STOCKOSORB improves the water retention capacity, aeration balance and structure of soils, substrates and potting mixes. Consequently, water is stored in the root zone so that water and plant nutrient losses due to deep percolation and nutrient leaching can be avoided. In this way water and nutrients are available to the plant over a longer period of time. This allows stronger and healthier plant growth also under hot and dry climate condi tions and therefore increases the safety margin and yield potential in plant production.
STOCKOSORB is a technology for lasting improvement in the efficiency of water and soil management in agriculture and horticulture.